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2019 and Yet another Year of Work and Pleasure
Congratulations and Celebrations, the World is your Oyster, make the most of 2019, set your Goals early and do your very best to be your very best.

Well you have successfully made it through 2018 and come out the other side mostly unscath, perhaps the Holiday Season has left you with a few extra pounds in weight but not too worry, you can easily shift  those extra pounds with some power walking 3 days a week or for those of you more energetic then 30minutes around Central Park  or your local park 3 days a week will not only help you to tone up but also give you that wellness feeling that only comes with a job well done.

I have gained 5 kilos over the past months, too much eating, too much drinking ( gin, ice and a slice ) and too much sitting around so starting January 6th  I will be back to Power Walking for an hour 3 days a week and by February 1st I will be back to my ideal weight so why not join me ( virtually of course ) and maybe with a friend or 3 get out and get walking or running. After all a fit toned you is a happier you.



Great site, great people.

Charles Miami

This site has saved me that is not a lie

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