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Men and Dating

Having gone on a few dates recently it made me think about the key traits that women find attractive in men.

Many a night out has ended in me propped up against the bar wondering if I am missing some of the vital characteristics that the female population are crying out for. Even if I do manage to make an initial connection with a woman I still sit there doubting myself. Clearly I still have a lot to learn when it comes to a subject area that conjures up so many ifs, buts and maybes. After deep thought I think there is much more to it that simply having a large bank account or driving a Ferrari. Here is my fundamental guide to the many traits that women find attractive in men.

1 Honesty
Women value trust and honesty in the male population and these are traits that women find attractive in men. Being able to confide in you and knowing that she can depend on you will do wonders for her self-assurance. By doing this you are laying to rest any insecurity that she may have. If a woman cannot trust you then how can she ever expect to nail down a stable relationship with you?

2 Maturity
College girls like frat boys, but women beyond college years can find the typical level of maturity of a frat boy annoying. They’re much more attracted to a guy with some stability and maturity. No need to land a “real” job and wear a suit and tie every day; just show her you’ve got your priorities straight and aren’t only interested in video and drinking games.

3 Boyishness
This goes directly against the point above about maturity – but women do seem to be attracted to men with a boyish, fresh-faced charm. Embrace your child-like curiosity and wonder with the world, especially hand-in-hand with the spontaneity point.

4 Confidence
If you can find the perfect balance between confidence and arrogance then you will be onto a winner. Women like a man who has faith in his ability to handle any situation that he is faced with, no matter how precarious it may be. If you believe in yourself then women will thrive off of your positive attitude and the aspiring aura that you give off.

5 Spontaneity
I can’t think of many women who don’t love a spontaneous romantic gesture, especially when she is least expecting it. Carrying out these thoughtful moments from time to time will show a woman that you are considerate whereas the element of surprise will demonstrate to her that you are as unpredictable as a British summer. Remember it’s the thought that counts.

6 Manly-Ness
Women tend to like men who are, well, manly, in more than just physique, Know your way around a car, and some electronics. Be able to open that stuck jar, and don’t freak out around spiders. These are basics, but in general, just be your own male self.

7 Cleanliness
No one, man or woman, likes someone who ignores basic hygiene at home, and with themselves. Don’t be a slob. Keep your flat tidy, including the bathroom, and keep yourself clean, too, of course.

8 Initiative
This goes hand in hand with confidence, but women also seem to like men who take initiative, and make plans or suggest outings without many hints or prompting.

9 Open-Mindedness
Most women like a man who’s open-minded, though that doesn’t mean you have to be entirely liberal in your views, or that you can’t be somewhat conservative. This makes sense in your professional life, not just the dating world, too.

10 Fitness
This isn’t a surprise, is it, that women prefer men who are concerned about a reasonably healthy diet and overall fitness? We like that trait in women, too. Don’t worry about having a perfect six-pack, or starting a vegan diet, but don’t be afraid of spending a little time at the gym, and show her that you eat more than fast food.

11 Priorities
Be generous with your time. By making time for a woman it shows that you care deeply about her and have a burning desire to spend time with her. It will also demonstrate to her that she can rely on you when she needs somebody to listen to or offer important advice.

12 Sense of Humour
Women love a man that can make them laugh. The environment you are in will prosper from the positive atmosphere and will bring you and her closer together. The happiness that your humour will elicit from her will help remove any stresses from her mind as it will give her a powerful feeling of relaxation. You may not be her doctor but always remember that laughter is the best form of medicine.



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